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How Are Global Feed Economics Effecting Biofuel World?

Global Feed Economics in a Biofuel World Dr. Chris Hurt shares some economics updates and what producers need to consider on their feed management as 2012 moves forward. Key take away: Swine producers have the financial ability to outbid ethanol producers for corn. This is forcing ethanol plants to shrink in capacity or shut down. Also, foreign trade is becoming a key component for the industry.

Can World Supply China Corn?

China to add to squeeze on world corn supply China's growth means that many of its raw materials to sustain the growth must come from other parts of the world. To help gauge Chinese demand for materials, many companies and governments rely on estimates from the China National Bureau of Statistics and other sources, like U.S. Government agencies. If, however, the estimates are wrong one way or the other by a larger than expected margin, the commodity markets start to react, and cause some companies to loose business and revenue.
China's National Bureau of Statistics said that farms produced a record corn crop in 2011 of 191.8 million tonnes. But enthusiastic local officials often overstate the size of crops in China to impress central authorities and win bigger subsidies.

What are the concerns about antibiotics in food animals?


The use of antibiotics in animal agriculture fuels discussion based on few facts and much misinformation. Dispel many of those myths as you review these presentations from the National Institute for Animal Agriculture's 2011 Antibiotic Use In Food Animals, held October 26-27, 2011, Chicago, IL, USA.

Is the UN FAO Using Science to Compare Livestock to Transportation?


Did the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations apply balanced comparisons between livestock and transportation, with respect to environmental impact? According to Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Agricultural Air Quality Center Director, University of California, Davis, the FAO's published report "Livestock's Long Shadow" misses the mark by comparing apples to oranges.

A true lifecycle assessment must be done on any system being compared.

You need to perform a complete life cycle assessment of both systems before any statements about livestock and transportation can be made and compared.

What Are Global Perspectives on Commodity Price Spikes?

Photo AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File

The Diane Rehm Show brought together four experts on world economies and agriculture to address the current commodity prices and their impact on food, fuel, and fiber.

Farm Bill 2012 Conversations

Farm Bill 2012 Looking Forward Looking Back The Farm Bill 2012 is already being developed. What are the impacts and where will the money flow?






CropVillage 0208 - One World, One Health: The global food basket

Download mp3CropVillage 0208 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Corrie Brown, University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, talks about the concept of One World, One Health: The global food basket.
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