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Good Poultry Transport Air Quality?


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Dr. Malcomb Mitchell, Scottish Ag College, talks about transportation configurations which ensure animal comfort, harvest quality, and tunnel ventilating your transport.

Swine Economic Outlook a Roller-coaster?


How will the pork industry fare in 2012? Dr. Steve Meyer says 2012 has five key issues to keep an eye on: exports, U.S. Demand, feed prices, hog/pork supplies, and packing capacity. Steve also highlights the relationships between crops and costs.

Total feed supply is going down. This means we either get more efficient or we get smaller.

Playing with Pigs To Prevent Bordom


How can you not love this! Pigs that play. This art and design project from Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) Wageningen University and Research Centre aims to understand how provide entertainment to pigs.

The driver for this research is European legislation that requires pig farmers to provide entertainment in the pens to combat boredom, aggression and tail biting amongst pigs, which will hopefully eliminate the need for routine tail-docking.