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How Are Global Feed Economics Effecting Biofuel World?

Global Feed Economics in a Biofuel World Dr. Chris Hurt shares some economics updates and what producers need to consider on their feed management as 2012 moves forward. Key take away: Swine producers have the financial ability to outbid ethanol producers for corn. This is forcing ethanol plants to shrink in capacity or shut down. Also, foreign trade is becoming a key component for the industry.

US Drought Monitor


This Drought Monitor resource helps people plan short term and long term planting resource needs, harvest, vacation, gardens, and other water focused activities.

Can World Supply China Corn?

China to add to squeeze on world corn supply China's growth means that many of its raw materials to sustain the growth must come from other parts of the world. To help gauge Chinese demand for materials, many companies and governments rely on estimates from the China National Bureau of Statistics and other sources, like U.S. Government agencies. If, however, the estimates are wrong one way or the other by a larger than expected margin, the commodity markets start to react, and cause some companies to loose business and revenue.
China's National Bureau of Statistics said that farms produced a record corn crop in 2011 of 191.8 million tonnes. But enthusiastic local officials often overstate the size of crops in China to impress central authorities and win bigger subsidies.