CropVillage 0221 - Why Haven't Soybean Yield Increases Kept Up With Corn?

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CropVillage 0173, Yellowing Soybeans May Require Intervention

Download mp3CropVillage 0173 Show Notes:

  • Yellowing soybeans plants observed in many midwestern fields may be caused by various issues, some of which you still have time to impact. Read more in the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Pest&Crop Newsletter.

CropVillage 0166, Time To Tissue Sample Soybeans

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  • Kansas State's Soil Fertility Specialist Dave Mengel logs in with a conversation on the advantages of tissue sampling at this stage in the soybean growth cycle.  He talks with Ag Today's Eric Atkinson
  • Agronomy E-Update newsletter

CropVillage 0139, Commodity Classic - Why The Soybean Genome Story Is Important

CropVillage 0139 Show Notes:

  • Soybean genome mapping will provide faster development turns and biotech implementation for breeders, drought resistance and greater yield potential for growers

CropVillage 0115 for November 24 2008

CropVillage 0115 Show Notes:

  • Conversation on biotechnology and exports with the U.S. Soybean Export Council
  • Weed management in a 'normal' year

CropVillage 0112 for November 14 2008

CropVillage 0112 Show Notes:

  • Talking to your landlord best bet to lock in equitable leasing rates next year
  • Soybean harvest in Iowa and the midwest shows good yields but surprisingly low protein levels.  What to expect next year
  • The United Soybean Board's New Uses committee seeks out new ideas for the wonder bean

CropVillage 0107 for October 28 2008

CropVillage 0107 Show Notes:

  • United Soybean Board looks at economic impact of animal agriculture 
  • Soybean processing advancements add to value of meal for livestock feeds
  • Vertical tillage options
  • Iowa State's Roger McEowen discusses changes in USDA treatment of flex lease arrangements

CropVillage 0096 for September 19 2008

CropVillage 0096 Show Notes:

  • North Dakota marketing specialist Al Nelson joins us with comments moving ahead with market planning
  • Soybean growing season issues... little hope for best yields and pray for late frost
  • CropScience Connection looks at insect pressures during late season

CropVillage 0079 for July 18 2008

CropVillage 0079 Show Notes:

  • On the trail with ProFarmer's Leading Edge Seminar in Des Moines. First stop...Editor Chip Flory shares his thoughts on the opportunities presented by the current economy
  • Senior Market Analyst Brian Grete advises getting your risk management program online and in practise ASAP
  • Identifying micro-nutrient deficiencies in your soybean fields may allow for foliar fixing yet this
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