risk management

CropVillage 0155, WAF - Financing and Risk in World Agriculture

CropVillage 0155 Show Notes:

  • Panel at World Agricultural Forum on Managing Risk and Financing Agriculture in the changing global economy.
  • First speaker James Bond, COO of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency of the World Bank
  • Joseph Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist from Bank of America

CropVillage 0079 for July 18 2008

CropVillage 0079 Show Notes:

  • On the trail with ProFarmer's Leading Edge Seminar in Des Moines. First stop...Editor Chip Flory shares his thoughts on the opportunities presented by the current economy
  • Senior Market Analyst Brian Grete advises getting your risk management program online and in practise ASAP
  • Identifying micro-nutrient deficiencies in your soybean fields may allow for foliar fixing yet this

CropVillage 0057 for April 25 2008

CropVillage 0057 Show Notes:

  • Rice shipments halted out of Brazil.  Seems to be a crisis without a cause but we take a look at rice issues abroad and in the U.S.
  • Looks like the western snow pack is at a multi-year high.  Good news for grains to the west
  • Risk and the farm bill discussions.  KSU's Art Barnaby looks at producer alternatives in today's marketplace 

CropVillage 0042 for February 28 2008

CropVillage 0042a Show Notes:

  • Scott Stewart of Stewart Peterson shares risk management concepts with Commodity Classic attendees

CropVillage 0039 for February 15 2008

CropVillage 0039 Show Notes:

  • New technology needs scaling but promising potential for on-farm processing
  • Biofuels industry driven by energy legislation
  • New energy-providing plants should utilize the equipment you're using today
  • Seed insecticides similar in many ways
  • Managing Risk with Farms.com Risk Management
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