CropVillage 0114 for November 21 2008

CropVillage 0114 Show Notes:

  • Update on the Verasun bankruptcy and this link to Iowa State's regularly updated website on the situation 
  • Chicago traders discuss recent market volatility and how producers should prepare to deal with risk in the future
  • President of the Farm Credit Council discusses availability of credit within the system and why its in better shape than some commercial competitors

CropVillage 0112 for November 14 2008

CropVillage 0112 Show Notes:

  • Talking to your landlord best bet to lock in equitable leasing rates next year
  • Soybean harvest in Iowa and the midwest shows good yields but surprisingly low protein levels.  What to expect next year
  • The United Soybean Board's New Uses committee seeks out new ideas for the wonder bean

CropVillage 0111 for November 11 2008

CropVillage 0111 Show Notes:

  • Fertilizer pricing and availability conversation with Ohio State's Robert Mullin.
  • Grain markets look poised for a winter rally as corn users buy acres
  • Looking at today's economic illness with a comparison to agriculture's turmoil in the 80's

CropVillage 0014a for October 31 2007

CropVillage 0014a Show Notes:

  • Tillage tools and options from Dave Long of Case-IH
  • Prices on the move for midwest farmland
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