CropVillage 0173, Yellowing Soybeans May Require Intervention

Download mp3CropVillage 0173 Show Notes:

  • Yellowing soybeans plants observed in many midwestern fields may be caused by various issues, some of which you still have time to impact. Read more in the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Pest&Crop Newsletter.

CropVillage 0168, AFBF and FAPRI Weigh In On Climate Legislation Costs

Download mp3CropVillage 0168 Show Notes:

  • Testifying before a recent committee hearing, AFBF President Bob Stallman lays out the potential for economic disaster under current proposed climate legislation
  • The Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) just released their findings on cost to producers should something like H.R. 2454 legislation be enacted.  Link to full report.

CropVillage 0166, Time To Tissue Sample Soybeans

Download mp3CropVillage 0166 Show Notes:

  • Kansas State's Soil Fertility Specialist Dave Mengel logs in with a conversation on the advantages of tissue sampling at this stage in the soybean growth cycle.  He talks with Ag Today's Eric Atkinson
  • Agronomy E-Update newsletter

CropVillage 0162, Commodity Swaps - Good, Bad and Ugly

CropVillage 0162 Show Notes:

  • Conversation with K State economist Orlen Grunewald on Commodity Swaps, a new tool in the trader's toolbox, and why they may be of use to you

CropVillage 0160, USDA Loses Swampbuster Court Challenge

CropVillage 0160 Show Notes:.

  • A look at a recent court ruling on a long-running fight with the USDA.  Did he, or did he not drain that swamp

CropVillage 0158, Tracking Grains and Supply/Demand Issues

CropVillage 0158 Show Notes:

  • Current market conditions and planting delays impact on grain prices now and yet to come

CropVillage 0151, Fertilizer Availability - Carbon Credit Standards

CropVillage 0151 Show Notes:

  • Mosaic's Dan Fralich looks at managing fertilizer use in period of high prices and provides an 2-3 year outlook for supply
  • Carbon credits require a set of standards to provide both sides of the trade certainty in content.  In this conversation with Gary DeLong of Novecta, we discuss the importance of that security
  • Link to just-released carbon credit standards

CropVillage 0150, Climate and Plants, Traits and Positioning

CropVillage 0150 Show Notes:

  • CRP acreage options... Is returning to production the best use?
  • How climate change may affect your management decisions
  • Traited seed products widen your decision window, if they're in the right place at the right time

2009 The Changing Face of Agriculture Presentations

NIAA 2009 Annual Meeting The Changing Face of Agriculture, March 31 - April 1, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

CropVillage 0147, Soil Issues - Enough P&K To Skip? - Nano Soil Particles

CropVillage 0147 Show Notes:

  • Cutting corners to economize makes sense for potash and phosphorus purchases this year if your soils can stand it
  • Nano-materials in the soil... and interesting discussion with soil chemist Paul Bertsch at the Univ of KY
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