CropVillage 0191, Gibberella In Midwest Corn Crop Bad News For Livestock Feeders

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  • Serious Gibberella mold on this year's crop puts producers in a harvest-time storage quandry.  What will you do when the 'strip test' is positive? 

CropVillage 0184, Soil Water Repellency - Your Cropping Practices Can Make A Difference

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CropVillage 0183, Kansas State Views Enterprise Profit and Loss

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  • A conversation with Kansas State's Troy Dumler, looking at aggregate records of enterprise profitability and project returns on a state-wide basis. Our thanks to Eric Atkinson.

CropVillage 0182, Watch For Corn Molds On The Ear In Your Field

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  • Purdue's professor of plant pathology Dr. Charles Woloshuk discusses mold development in the field with suggestions to watch out for a recent reappearance of an old problem.

CropVillage 0181, Farm Progress Show - What is SmartStax and Dow Herbicide Technology?

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CropVillage 0179, Tracking The Crop - Midwestern Corn Development Report

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  • Iowa State's Roger Elmore discusses the crop progress in this important midwestern corn state.

CropVillage 0178, Nitrogen Stabilizer Improves Availability Under Wet Conditions

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  • Dow AgroSciences (NYSE: DOW) researcher Sam Ferguson discusses nitrogen loss in wet conditions and the expanded research effort looking at keeping nitrogen from animal manures in the soil and accessible to the plant.

CropVillage 0177, Pioneer Laser Seed Technology Hastens Change

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  • Farm Progress Show 2009 conversation with Pioneer's (NYSE: DD) manager of Enabling Technologies and Engineered Solutions, Jason Cope goes deep on a new laser seed sampler which improves genetic ide

CropVillage 0175, Biomass Crop Assistance Program Explained

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  • Good overview of the recently announced Biomass Crop Assistance Program which provides financial assistance to producers or entities that deliver eligible biomass material to designated biomass conversion facilities.  

CropVillage 0174, Reviewing the August Crop Report with Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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