CropVillage 0194, New AgConnect 2010 Expo In The Right Place At The Right Time

Download mp3CropVillage 0194 Show Notes:
  • Connecting with the Show Manager for AgConnect, Sara Mooney. AgConnect runs January 13-15, 2010 in Orlando, FL. The program features much opportunity for peer to peer connecting on a worldwide basis.

CropVillage 0143, Corn Fungicide ROI - Sprayer Update

CropVillage 0143 Show Notes:

  • Agronomist looks at ROI on corn fungicides and finds them lacking... especially if you're selecting resistant hybrids
  • Case-IH sprayer equipment rolls out new technology and comfort for longer hours in the field

CropVillage 0133, Case Provides Additional Flexibility In New Planter

CropVillage 0133 Show Notes:

CropVillage 0117 for December 5 2008

CropVillage 0117 Show Notes:

  • POET's cellulosic ethanol program utilizing corn cobs underway amid continued development
  • Partnering with POET, Case-IH harvesting equipment development program outlined by Sam Acre
  • Ethanol development overview and outlook with Dan O'Brien

CropVillage 0113 for November 18 2008

CropVillage 0113 Show Notes:

CropVillage 0094 for September 12 2008

CropVillage 0094 Show Notes:

  • Case IH showing unveils new tractor technology to improve efficiency and cut costs
  • Big Iron show pulls producers from upper midwest and the Dakota's.  AgCountry Farm Credit provides an overview of concerns voiced at the show.
  • Work in Georgia to create a system of moving poultry wastes from the 'haves' to the 'have-nots'

CropVillage 0081 for July 25 2008

CropVillage 0081 Show Notes:

  • New Monsanto technology receives clearance
  • Planter monitors take a step forward. Case IH's Planter Stand Management website
  • Periods of increased cash flow provide greatest opportunity to look at value-added potential

CropVillage 0080 for July 22 2008

CropVillage 0080 Show Notes:

  • Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy to fight for food and fuel policies
  • In-field pelletizing of cellulosic feedstock one area of research in the biofuels effort
  • Case-IH planter research ongoing at the Ag Information Center
  • Plant pops to ensure corn maximum utilization of sunlight
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