CropVillage 0219 - What is the Farm Credit System and How Does it Operate?

mp3CropVillage 0219 Show Notes:
  • Jack Shuler, President and CEO of ArborOne Farm Credit, explains the Farm Credit system, how it operates, and how it has evolved.

CropVillage 0215 - How Sustainable is Our Future in Agriculture?

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CropVillage 0214 - What are Careers in Sustainable Agriculture?

Download mp3CropVillage 0214 Show Notes:
  • Melissa Waldron Lehner, Paydirt Ventures, explains what the Careers in Sustainable Agriculture webinar is all about. Event is June 08, 2010, 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM (EDT), registration required.

CropVillage 0212 -The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement

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