Are There Concerns On How Farmers Are Perceived?

Perception of Iowa Farmers

While there is a generally positive view of Iowa farmers, there is public concern about the State of Iowa's air and water quality.

"My concern is on pollution," said John Fisher, 82, of Des Moines. "They have to use chemicals to gain their production, but I think they use too many."
Farmers have long enjoyed a mythic place in American culture, but a series of best-sellers and documentaries have blamed the obesity problem on agriculture, and corn in particular, and have portrayed producers as tools of greedy multinational agribusinesses.

These concerns are effecting policy and legislation, both at a state and national level.

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver said the state should consider limiting how much commercial fertilizer farmers apply to crop fields. His re-election opponent, Republican Terry Branstad, said he would not support the proposal.