CropVillage 0040 for February 21 2008

CropVillage 0040 Show Notes:

  • Gary Crawford reports from the USDA Ag Outlook Conference in Washington D.C.
  • Looks likely the E.U. will allow new GMOs from Monsanto and BASF
  • Takes a lot more low energy cellulosic feedstock to make ethanol... a lot more
  • Tax rebates... Section 179 depreciation... and rails to trails with Iowa State's Roger McEowen

CropVillage 0039 for February 15 2008

CropVillage 0039 Show Notes:

  • New technology needs scaling but promising potential for on-farm processing
  • Biofuels industry driven by energy legislation
  • New energy-providing plants should utilize the equipment you're using today
  • Seed insecticides similar in many ways
  • Managing Risk with Risk Management

CropVillage 0038 for February 13 2008

CropVillage 0038 Show Notes:

  • Farm Bill view from Washington analyst for Farm Journal at Profit Briefing seminar
  • NAFTA view from USDA as the walls come down
  • Corn anthracnose a concern for corn after corn growers in upper midwest
  • Can you hear me now?

CropVillage 0037 for February 8 2006

CropVillage 0037 Show Notes:

CropVillage 0036 for February 5 2008

CropVillage 0036 Show Notes:

  • Land price specialist and editor of LandOwner newsletter Mike Walsten shares where he sees it going and why
  • CRP offers an additional offshoot program for marginal lands
  • Crop insurance issues with Art Barnaby
  • Weed costs are probably more than you think... times your increase in nitrogen prices this year can make a big dent in your bottom line

CropVillage 0035 for February 1 2008

CropVillage 0035 Show Notes:

  • Pushback on reduction of ethanol tariffs
  • Corn yield curve beginning to flatten
  • Consumer perceptions of biotechnology will change but a catalyst is needed
  • Secretary of Agriculture Shafer shares administrations view of farm bill debate 


CropVillage 0034 for January 30 2008

CropVillage 0034 Show Notes:

  • Midwestern land prices at $8,000 based on calculated return to owners and equipment at today's grain prices
  • Agroterrorism education opportunities out there
  • AGR Lite insurance overview looks like a good supplemental plan
  • NCGA says biotech intr

CropVillage 0033 for January 25 2008

CropVillage 0033 Show Notes:

  • Monsanto pipeline of 25+ products
  • Producer delegation to talk with Brazil about biofuel production and capacities
  • Pioneer's Russ Sanders discusses the twin focus of fuel and feed for the company's corn research divisions
  • Continued world economic turmoil under review by ag economists

CropVillage 0032 for January 21

CropVillage 0032 Show Notes:

  • Kansas State's Mike Woolverton talks with Eric Atkinson about world-wide economic turmoil and the impact on agriculture
  • Soybean rust issues to look forward to for 2008
  • New reseach into and management suggestions for holding back the development of glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • Eric Spell from provides suggestions to su

CropVillage 0031 for January 18 2008

CropVillage 0031 Show Notes:

  • Special CropVillage episode featuring Kevin Dhuyvetter looking at land lease arrangements and what impact today's prices are having
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